Canned/Jarred/Bottled foods products that are sold directly to the end consumer by the producer are SCDHEC regulated and will require a Retail Food Establishment permit and a special process variance.

Canned/Jarred/Bottled foods products that are processed and marketed for re-sale/wholesale are regulated by SCDA (803-737-9690), or the FDA (843-746-2990).

Canned/Jarred/Bottled foods (including most jams, jellies, sauces, chow-chows and pickled foods) must be sent to Clemson University (864-359-3386), NC State University, or another FDA-recognized process authority for product analysis as part of the approval process.

Depending on the results of the product analysis, a Better Process Control School (BPCS) training and FDA Registration (product and facility filing) may be necessary.

For assistance with product analysis and label reviews go to Clemson’s Food2Market.