Site Administrators can request credentials for new users to be given access to various parts of your project. We recommend learning more about the types of access you are giving before you proceed with your request.

Complete this form to request credentials and set access level for new user. We will confirm when the new user credentials become active on our server.

This user can control all areas of the environment they are in. Domain, Hosting, Site, Email, + more. (we do not recommend extending this level of access.
Developer access is only available in specific cases of a clients site project and is a rare occasion. Developers have Administrative access to the developers panel and toolkit.


Collaborators have comparative access level as administrators, except collaborators cannot gain access to email records or accounts. Setting an expiration is common practice for this level.
Shop managers have access to the dashboard area of your wordpress website only. They can access orders, manage revenue, filter customer information, + more.

Contributors have controlled access to the press or blog section of your site. They can moderate comments, comment on the sites behalf, manage posts, edit (customer) user privilege's, + more.
Customers maintain password controlled user accounts which can be managed by admins or users themselves in the event they are locked out, an admin may need to reset their credentials.

Complete this form to request credentials