Transfer an Existing Site

To initiate the site's transfer, open a Helpdesk Support Ticket and our agent will reply with credentials to fetch the site.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

Once you have selected a domain, you can easily migrate an existing site to SiteGround on step 2 of the Website Setup Wizard. To initiate a site transfer, click Select under Migrate Website.

Then, you have the option to choose between an automatic migration available for WordPress sites via our Migrator plugin or a professional migration by our experts.

Transfer an existing site with the WordPress Automigration

If you choose to proceed with an automatic transfer, select WordPress Automigration and click Continue.

At the last step of the setup process, you will see a link to download our Migrator plugin and a token which you can use to initiate the migration from your WordPress admin. For detailed instructions, check out the WordPress Automatic Migrator tutorial.

Get a professional migration done by our experts

If you choose a professional migration, our Technical Support Team will do the website transfer for you. We will ask you to provide access details such as your control panel’s URL or FTP host and login credentials so we can access your site and transfer it.

how to get professional migration

When you fill in the required information and pay for the service, our system will post a ticket to the support engineers who will do the rest. Please note that website transfers may take up to 2-3 business days depending on the size of the website, the limitations set by the old host, the connectivity, and other.

If you are not sure what kind of website you want to build or you are not ready to migrate your existing sites just yet, you still need to complete the Setup Wizard by clicking Skip & Create Empty Site. This will create an empty site and a control panel for it, which you can use to explore all the features and tools we have provided at your disposal.